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歌得芬腊提玛中学歌得芬腊提玛学校The Godolphin and Latymer School


Ruth Mercer女士,从2009年开始任职。先后毕业于伦敦大学和牛津大学。, 曾担任诺斯伍德中学校长及我校副校长。教职员:60名全职老师,30名兼职老师。


GCSE: 103名11年级学生参加GCSE统考,平均取得9.1门学科的C。100名13年级学生,17%的学生学习IB,平均分是40分。83%的学生学习A-Level,平均通过3.3门学科,平均分是421分。




必修:体操,曲棍球,篮网球,篮球,网球,棒球和健身。选修:爵士舞,瑜伽,击剑,壁球,划船和游泳。我校有多名学生是曲棍球和网球的郡代表?;疃貉磕瓴渭覦uke of Edinburgh’s Award ,多次获得金银奖。学生可选修社区服务。多达30个社团供学生选择:棋艺社,辩论,计算机等。

Samantha Bond (女演员), Susan Greenfield (英国科学研究所所长), Hattie Jacques (女演员), Nigella Lawson (烹饪作家和广播员), Davina McCall (广播员), Rachel Squire (政治家), Kiki King (记者和小说家), Philippa Dickinson (前兰登书屋儿童出版社社长)



School: Godolphin & Latymer
School Type: Girls, Senior
Address: Godolphin and Latymer, Iffley Road, Hammersmith, London W6 0PG
Postcode: W6 0PG
Region: London – Inner (London postal codes)
Telephone: 020 8741 1936
Website: www.godolphinandlatymer.com
Gender: Girls
Pupils: 700, Upper sixth 99
Fees: £4,782
Enquiries: the Head Mistress
Founded in 1905 as a non-denominational school, it was government funded between 1920-1976 but reverted to full independence in 1977. The school stands on a 4-acre site in Hammersmith, West London. Its own playing fields are attached, including an all-weather surface for hockey and tennis. The original Victorian building (built as a boys’ boarding school, Godolphin School) has had several additions to it – a gym, laboratories, art studios, lecture room etc. There is a sixth-form centre and rooms for pottery and technology; most recently, the adjacent grade 2 listed church has been converted into a performing arts building, with an 800-seat theatre. Facilities are now excellent. A well-run and academically high-powered school which gets excellent examination results and sends many pupils on to Oxbridge. The International Baccalaureate is offered in the sixth form, as an alternative to AS and A-levels. It is very strong indeed in music, drama and art; there is a massive commitment among the pupils. An excellent record in games and sports (several county hockey representatives) and a wide range is on offer. There is a strong relationship between staff and parents, including two parent governors.
School Head: Head Mistress: Mrs Ruth Mercer, in post from 2009. Educated at Educated at Penwortham Girls’ Grammar School, and at the universities of London (Bedford College) and Oxford. Previously Head Mistress of Northwood College, Deputy Head at Godolphin & Latymer and Head of History at Notting Hill & Ealing High. Teaching staff: 60 full time, 30 part time.
Results: GCSE: 103 in upper fifth, gaining at least grade C in an average of 9.1 subjects. A-levels: 100 in upper sixth: 17% took the IB, gaining an average of 40 points. 83% took A-levels, passing an average of 3.3 subjects with an average final point score of 421.
Furtherhigher: Almost all sixth-form leavers go on to a degree course (15% after a gap year), 13% to Oxbridge. 11% take courses in medicine, dentistry and veterinary science, 21% in science and engineering, 60% in humanities and social sciences, 3% in art and design, 5% in vocational subjects eg physiotherapy, hotel management. Others go on to art foundation courses.
Sport: Sport: Gymnastics, hockey, netball, basketball, tennis, rounders, fitness training compulsory. Optional: jazz dance, yoga, fencing, squash, rowing, swimming. Several county hockey players; many club hockey and tennis players. Activities: Pupils take silver and gold Duke of Edinburgh’s Award. Community service optional. Up to 30 clubs, eg chess, debating, BAYS, computing, junior club.
Formerpupils: Samantha Bond (actress), Susan Greenfield (Director of Royal Institution), Hattie Jacques (actress), Nigella Lawson (cookery writer and broadcaster), Davina McCall (broadcaster), Rachel Squire (politician), Kiki King (journalist and novelist), Philippa Dickinson (former Chairman, Random House Children’s Publishing



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